Machine for regenerating DPF / FAP Truck SCR Euro 4, 5, 6 catalytic converters

A distinctive product of our store is a machine for regenerating DPF / FAP Truck SCR filters euro 4, 5, 6 catalytic converters. The machine was designed and assembled 100% by our specialists. It was created for the purpose of regeneration of even the most severe cases of clogged DPF / FAP filters.

The machine allows you to quickly remove 98% of filter / catalytic converter dirt by removing carbon deposits, PM10 and oil residues. Regeneration restores the full capacity of the filter without disturbing its internal structure. The machine is characterized by a solid construction with Polish components, a structure made of stainless steel and durability and resistance to any damage, even to the most problematic filters.


  • Remote Online Support
  • Water flow up to 500 liters per minute
  • 24V control cabinet built with Siemens and Schnaider components.
  • 400l tank
  • Machine drying up to 140 degrees
  • Width 250cm
  • Depth 110cm
  • Height 210cm
  • The whole thing is made of stainless steel
  • The machine is 100% tight
  • Operation and maintenance manual, certificates, warranty card
  • Printouts confirming filter cleaning

Our company has been testing and checking the effectiveness of the machine for 5 years. We use our own example to confirm its reliability and efficiency.

If you are interested in purchasing, you will receive full support and knowledge about running a business related to the regeneration of DPF / FAP filters – from the smallest ones from passenger cars to the largest trucks – including: MAN, Scania, Mercedes, Volvo, DAF, Renault, etc.

✔️ The machine is entirely of Polish production
✔️ Designed for the most severe cases of clogged DPF FAP filters
✔️ Solid and durable

The offer price includes transport and detailed training in use.

PRICE: € 23 500

In our company, we offer a great agent for machine cleaning of DPF / FAP filters at the price of PLN 17 per liter of concentrate (3-5 L per 100 L of water), non-foaming and environmentally friendly.

Need more information? Call us 📞 570-199-222 We will answer any questions!

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