DPF DAF 106 XF Lift

We offer brand new & regenerated DPFs for DAF 106 XF Lift

DPF DAF 106 XF Euro 6 Lift

DAF 106 Lift is a model of a truck produced by DAF. “Lift” means that it is a modernized version of the previous model. The “DPF” (Diesel Particulate Filter) is an element of the exhaust system used in vehicles with diesel engines, which is used to reduce the emission of particulate matter (soot) from exhaust gases. The DPF works by trapping particulates on a special structure and then removing them through a regeneration process.

The DAF 106 Lift with DPF is equipped with an upgraded version of the DAF 106 that meets the requirements for reducing particulate emissions. The DPF effectively reduces the emission of harmful substances, such as particulate matter, by concentrating and removing them from the exhaust gases.

It is important to regularly maintain and clean the DPF to maintain its effectiveness. A malfunctioning or clogged DPF can lead to engine performance issues or increased emissions. In case of any problems with the DPF filter, it is recommended to consult the DPF service in Rabka Zdrój for proper support and repair.

Order the DAF XF 106 Euro6 DPF

We offer DPF filters for DAF 106 lift in two versions: brand new or regenerated.

Catalog Number: 2134535 | 2192100 | 2192100R | 2144435 | 2326074 | 2326074R | 31009912

Brand New: DAF XF 106 Euro6 DPF



  • ✔ Brand new DPF filter for DAF 106 from 2017
  • ✔ Made in Poland
  • ✔ Secured against slipping out

New DPF DAF 106 Lift



  • ✔ Brand new DPF for DAF 106 from 2017
  • ✔ Return of the damaged DPF required
  • ✔ Secured against slipping out
DAF XF 106 Euro6 DPF

Regenerated DPF DAF 106 Lift



  • ✔ Regenerated DPF for DAF 106 from 2017
  • ✔ Return of the damaged DPF required
  • ✔ Secured against slipping out
  • ✔ Chemical free!

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We also sell brand new and regenerated DPF filters for Volco FH4, DAF 106 XF, DAF 105 XF SCR and professional Truck DPF machine that cleans all filters

For more information, please contact us by phone 📞 570-199-222

New DPF Volvo FH4

Fabrycznie nowy wkład VOLVO FH4 21716414 21775801 23135528 85013300



  • ✔ Brand new DPF for Volvo FH4
  • ✔ Return of the damaged DPF required
  • ✔ Catalog number: 21716414 21775801 23135528 85013300

Regenerated DPF Volvo FH4

Regenerowany DPF Volvo FH4 
Nr 21716417



  • ✔ Return of the damaged DPF required
  • ✔ Chemical free!
  • ✔ Catalog number: 21716417

Regenerated DAF 106 XF



  • ✔ Return of damaged item required
  • ✔ Catalog number: 1891485
  • ✔ Chemical free!

SCR DAF XF 105 euro 5



  • ✔ Return of damaged item required
  • ✔ SCR professionally regenerated
  • ✔ Chemical free!




  • ✔ Brand new DPF filter for MAN TGX THS
  • ✔ Return of the damaged DPF required
  • ✔ Catalog number: 81151030107 81151030128
  • 81151030130 36151030038

Regenerated DPF SCANIA euro 6



  • ✔ Return of damaged item required
  • ✔ Chemical free!
  • ✔ Catalog number: 2179961, 2097594, 570759, 2503085, 249402

DPF Truck machine

Cleaning machine for all DPF FAP filters

✔ designed for the most severe cases of clogged filters
✔ entirely Polish production
✔ solid and durable

DPF Truck machine

23 000


  • Cleaning machine for all DPF FAP filters
  • ✔ designed for the most severe cases of clogged filters
  • ✔ entirely Polish production
  • ✔ solid and durable

How to maintain the DPF filter?

As we have already mentioned, the regeneration of the DPF filter in the DAF 106 Lift is an important element of maintaining the proper operation of the exhaust system. The DPF collects particulate matter (soot) from the engine’s exhaust gases and can become clogged or blocked as a result. To avoid this, regeneration is used. It consists in burning the accumulated exhaust particles from the DPF filter, which extends its life.

Here are some information about regeneration of the DPF DAF 106 Lift that you should know about:

Passive regeneration

DPF filter regeneration is usually passive. During normal vehicle operation, if the exhaust gas temperature is high enough, the particulate matter will combust spontaneously. This process occurs without any additional action on the part of the driver.

Active regeneration

Active regeneration may be required if the car is frequently driven short distances or in conditions that do not support high enough exhaust gas temperatures. In this case, Lift DAF 106 engine management system will control the regeneration process by injecting additional fuel or raising the exhaust gas temperature to burn off accumulated particulates.

Regeneration control

The DAF 106 Lift is equipped with a DPF filter regeneration monitoring and control system. The driver will be informed about the need for regeneration through appropriate indicators or messages on the dashboard. With active regeneration, you may experience increased fuel consumption and a slight decrease in vehicle performance.

Professional regeneration

If the DPF filters in DAF 106 Lift are blocked or require more advanced regeneration, it is recommended to use the services of professional services such as EcoSerwisDPF in Rabka Zdrój. Professional services offer special devices and treatments, such as hydrodynamic cleaning without the use of chemicals, which can help restore the proper functioning of the filter.

It is important to follow the manufacturer’s recommendations for DPF 106 DPF maintenance and service. Regular cleaning and inspecting the DPF filter and maintaining proper operating conditions (e.g. avoiding frequent short trips) can help prevent blockage problems and maintain filter efficiency.

Problems with DPF

Common problems with the DPF filter can occur on a variety of vehicles, including the DAF 106 Lift. Here are some potential problems you may encounter:

Blocked DPF filter

The DPF can become clogged due to the accumulation of large amounts of particulate matter. This can occur if the vehicle is frequently driven in slow-speed urban conditions where filter regeneration is difficult. A clogged DPF can cause engine performance to drop, fuel consumption to increase, and failure to occur.

DPF sensor failure

In some cases, DPF problems can be caused by a malfunctioning DPF sensor. This sensor monitors the degree of contamination of the filter and signals the need for regeneration. If the sensor is damaged or malfunctioning, this can lead to regeneration problems or improper filter operation.

Insufficient regeneration

Regeneration is the process by which accumulated particulate matter is burned off inside the DPF. If the car is often driven short distances or in conditions that are not conducive to regeneration, this can lead to insufficient regeneration of the filter. As a result, DPF blockage may occur.

VTG turbocharger

The operation of the VTG turbocharger actuator consists in adjusting the position of the turbine blades depending on the engine load and rotational speed. By controlling the angle of the blades, the actuator allows the exhaust gas flow inside the turbocharger to be adjusted, which in turn increases or decreases the boost pressure.

In DAF 106 lift the VTG (Variable Turbine Geometry) turbocharger actuator refers to the turbocharger engine which has an adjustable turbine geometry arrangement. The VTG turbocharger is equipped with a turbine blade adjustment mechanism to optimize engine efficiency and performance under various conditions.

Thanks to this adjustment, the VTG turbocharger provides better response at low revs, improves engine torque and minimizes so-called lag. turbo lag. This is especially beneficial for trucks such as the DAF 106 Lift, which require adequate torque and flexibility in various operating conditions.

Exhaust faults

Problems with other components of the exhaust system, such as sensors, pipes or valves, can also affect the performance of the DPF. Leaks, damage or malfunction of these components can affect the proper operation of the filter and cause problems with the DPF.

Damaged injectors

If the injectors on a DAF 106 Lift are damaged, this can lead to various engine performance problems. Damaged injectors can affect the quality of combustion, fuel consumption and clogging of the DPF filter.


Why choose us?

biuro eco serwis dpf rabka

We are a certified service and one of the few companies on the market that comprehensively regenerates DPF / FAP filters, TRUCK DPF, turbochargers with disassembly and assembly. We have been specializing in this for over 7 years, thanks to which we can offer you service at the highest level, with attention to every detail.

We work without the use of chemicals, our machines are 100% ecological. Environmentally friendly and innovative technology used by our specialists allows you to regenerate diesel particulate filters, which in the process of reconstruction regain their original properties, renewing themselves to almost factory level. DPF/FAP regeneration is covered by warranty.

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Thousands of people and companies have already used our services, and the positive feedback we receive is the best proof of our quality.


We have been operating on the market for over 7 years, constantly implementing the latest solutions to provide services at the highest level.


As a thriving company, we carry out repairs on an ongoing basis. After discussing the details with the client, we regenerate the DPF filter in 3-4 hours.

Do you have a problem with your turbocharger or diesel particulate filter (DPF)? Don’t know how cleaning works or just need some advice? Trust our many years of experience – call us or write a message. We will answer all your questions, dispel all doubts!


Positive opinions and trust that many of you have placed in us testify to the reliability of our company and the high quality of the services we offer. We have been regenerating filters for over 7 years, we have repaired thousands of cars, and we have regenerated tens of thousands of filters.

Service run in American style 🙂 The owner is very confident in the quality of his services, which is confirmed by a one-year warranty and an invitation after a few months for a free check 🙂 After cleaning the DPF, I did about 2,000 km and everything is ok. To sum up: I recommend, quality professionalism, the owner is fine guy , good communication.

Damian Borawski


I came to the guys for a dpf wash in Daf xf 106 On Saturday, the guys don’t work, but it is possible to bring the car and leave it in the parking lot. So I did. On Monday at 9:00 the car was ready. Service performed at the highest level, good contact, nice people, professional approach to the customer. I strongly recommend this workshop 💪😉

Adam Żki


Full professionalism, specific customer service, everything done as it should be, it is worth going 50 km to make the vehicle perfectly done. I recommend it 100%

Gabriel Samulski


Professional service and a very professional approach to the customer. The catalyst from 1.6 GDI looks like new, after 2000 km everything is OK. I highly recommend!

Daniel Gontarek


Great and professional mechanics who know their job. The head of the establishment is very polite and friendly, you can really get along with him. I heartily recommend!

Joanna Kaciczak



Do you have doubts which filter to choose? Don’t know how cleaning works or just need some advice? Trust our many years of experience – call us – we will answer all your questions!


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